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You cannot tame those shrews - Week 6

So fa cup weekend and Shrewsbury were the giant killers and their reward is Man Utd at home. Aaaaaah the magic of the cup. Chelsea play Man City and thats the tie of the 5th round. But Leeds squeaked through to face Watford....Chances??.
In the leagues.
GEEGEE took a huge gamble and it paid off as Ross County knocked Celtic out of the scottish league cup @8.00. Amazing. Geegee flies to the top of both Pele and Overall league. Malcolm Gibson dropped to 2nd although he won with Man Utd @1.00. Sohail has the only 100% record in the Pele one of only three across all leagues, this week they picked Spurs at home (dodged celtic their usual pick). Hodgie333 won well with 1.50 for Watford away. Nick Lines was the other winner with Man City @0.62. Bob paton was called off.

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